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The Mobile RaT Lab

In late 2013, my team applied for a small infrastructure grant that allowed us to buy a whole bunch of consumer technology equipment to use in our teaching and research. We call this the Mobile RaT Lab, which stands for Mobile Research and Teaching Lab (because everything needs an amusing name). A lot of the tech in my personal toolkit comes from the experimentation I did with the RaT Lab gear.

The beauty of using consumer products is the cost. If these were solutions designed for education, they’d cost ten times as much. Consumer products tend to be cheaper and they just work.

Check out my Mobile RaT Lab Pinterest board if you’d like to see exactly what we bought.

Project team

  • Professor Helen Partridge (lead)
  • Kate Davis (lead, roll out and evaluation)
  • Dr Elham Sayyad Abdi
  • Katya Henry (research assistant)