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About Kate

I’m a Senior Research Fellow at the Digital Life Lab at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). I’m also a Visiting Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), where I continue to supervise PhD candidates.

Teaching and learning

Teaching and learning has been a passion for me throughout my academic career. While I haven’t been teaching in the past couple of years, I have continued to work on research in the teaching and learning space, as well as strategic teaching and learning projects.

In the past, my teaching has been primarily focused in the Information Management and Library and Information Practice majors of a Master of Information Science program. In the Masters program, my teaching focused on online information service provision and emerging and social technologies in information practice, including related areas like information architecture, information design, content management, web governance, social media policy, and online service delivery. I also designed and taught a unit called Social Technologies in a Bachelor of Information Technology program. That unit took a user-focus and explored issues and trends with social technologies. In recent years, I’ve taught research methods for coursework IT students as well as higher degree by research students.

I have a background in teaching dual mode cohorts, with both internal and external students who move fluidly across study modes from course to course and even week to week. I am focused on creating participatory learning experiences that foster engagement across both internal and external cohorts. I use social media to meet my students in their own spaces and to provide opportunities for students to connect with me, each other, and industry.


I am an interdisciplinary human experience researcher with interests in social media research, information research (particularly in the context of social media), and scholarship of teaching and learning. There are many synergies between these research domains and I capitalise on these by researching at the nexus of these three domains: my social media research, information research and teaching and learning research all focus on people’s experience of digital life, related to work, study and their everyday lives. My social media research to date has had three foci: applications of social media in information organisations and personal professional use by information professionals (work); information experience in social media (everyday life); and social media use in higher education (study).

I primarily research in the emerging domain of information experience and I am also broadly interested in the way people experience social media as part of their everyday lives. I combined these two interests in my PhD study, with a program of research that explored new mothers’ information experience in social media. I completed my PhD in 2015. I also do research related to academic practice, and a range of topics in higher education.

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